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Support Dude Team is a website dedicated to help you move your business online. We are provide education, training, and consultation in helping you improve your sales by targeting online clients which can result to faster, easier, and more sales. Because we realized that the cost of maintaining an offline business is too high and would require you so much effort like keeping up the store, ensuring security, hiring people, and much more, we decided to start this website for you to both help and encourage you to set up an ecommerce website instead. We provide high quality video instruction that you can watch, take notes from and apply into your business today. What do we offer?


By signing up to Support Dude Team, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to sell online with 11 videos
  • Understand How to make money of newsletters $$$$$
  • Enjoy over  15 years of experience
  • Master Bigcommerce, Amazon, drop shipping, seo, newsletter and more  


About the Founder:

Lance, the founder and CEO of Support Dude Team, started a surf shop in 1992 in the basement of his mother’s house. He soon went into the retailing industry and spent 15 years at a shop in the East Coast of Canada. From here, Lance learned that retail is tough he was a expert in a niche. He was forced to start learning E-Commerce, checking google analytics, he learned that there was 56  and 5 people came in the  store was so he started an online store and maintained it for a few months and it became profitable. And because of this, Lance was able to create the process he called “Throw away your store keys.” Lance admits that the development of his process was scary, but seeing that it worked made him feel really excited. He mentions, “When Amazon calls you, you know you’re doing something right.” He soon sold the site, and started helping people with their own businesses where he was persuaded to create a video series that helps people take their business online. Thanks 🙂


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