In the past years, digital market and digital marketing strategies have gone through a substantial transformation. This is because the technology is growing very fast and so are the strategies. This is why the online marketing companies start strategizing for the coming year in advance. It is time to make […]

The Game-Changing Marketing Trends to Focus in 2016

September 13, 2016   Purchasing online entails that a buyer is not able to touch, try out or verify an item he sees online. Nevertheless, eCommerce stores are more and more popular every day. The recent Google study says that customers have gone “from midnight snacking to midnight shopping”. Online shopping has become […]

How to Use SEO to Optimize Your Ecommerce Website

September 7, 2016 Step 1 – Preparing Documentation The first document that you need to prepare when selling you website is an information memorandum (also known as prospectus or book). This document outlines what your business is, how it operates, how it makes money, where it gets it’s traffic and any frequently […]

How To Sell A Website?

  Supportdudeteam free ecommerce course Lance Moore shows you tips how to do a blog to help to online business grow. Blogging has more benefits than you may be aware of, including the ability to enhance your search rankings.   Sign up now for free ecommerce course September 2, 2016 […]

How to Blog by supportdudeteam

Whether you are building an affiliate store or simply want to include affiliate products in a post, one of the first decisions that has to be made is how to actually add the affiliate product links. There are three basic methods: Manually add product links (which can be extremely time […]

How To Add Affiliate Products To Your Site

Comparing BigCommerce To Shopify If you were to ask me for an analogy that best describes Shopify, I’d say thatShopify is like the Apple of shopping carts. Shopify’s store templates just look better and more polished than Big Commerce, butBig Commerce has way more functionality and it’s all included for […]

Shopify Vs BigCommerce Review