December 11,2016 free tips

Janet Support dude team

December 11, 2016

Hello Happy Holidays from Supportdudeteam.

Holiday shopping is a busy time of year. You need to be set up for e commerce in advance. You need to answer phone and emails and live chat fast or you will lose customers.

Any one calling or emailing is looking to buy now so be ready.

Always pick up the phone I once had a un listed call and it was someone from a private boat off Italy looking to buy a paddleboard for there caption.It was a Sunday morning at 9:30 am but time zones matter.

I answered the phone and sold them a $1900 paddle board and we delivered it to there house. The customer was happy and we asked how did you here about us,

“He said you have a number to call and we liked your website”

We answered the phone and took care of them. You can also use a toll free number too that helps but you need to watch you cost per month it can add up.

The cheap people are not your customers they cheap down wanting better deals and drive you crazy. Go high end the customers will be better I learned this the hard way.

The boat captain was on the TimBit boat people.



Lance Moore

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Janet Lead Support

December 11, 2016

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Happy Holidays



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